Dated: 31-January-2022


A doctorate has been conferred on DIG Security and Emergency Services Division Maqsood Ahmed of the Sindh Police by the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The university has officially notified the completion of his degree on his successful research on ‘Terrorism Financing in Pakistan’.
Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, who is well known for his outstanding achievements like establishing a world-class security unit in the Sindh Police named the Special Security Unit, revamping the security mechanism and providing foolproof security in the Pakistan Super Leagues. He is the first-ever Pakistani police officer to complete his doctorate in countering terrorism financing.
He had also been awarded Tamgha-i-Imtiaz by Pakistan’s president for his meritorious services. After serving in the Pakistan Navy, Dr. Maqsood Ahmed joined the Police Service of Pakistan in 2001. In different areas and in a variety of command and staff assignments, he served first in Punjab and then in Sindh.
He not only achieved different milestones in Pakistan but internationally as well. In 2019 he was nominated for a training programme on ‘The Cyber Threat Landscape for Law Enforcement Executives’ that was arranged by the FBI National Academy in the USA. He also underwent various trainings in China, the United Kingdom, the United States and Denmark. He represented Pakistan and the Sindh Police on the platform of the International Police Association in Croatia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Cyprus and Germany. Currently he is the president of Pakistan chapter of International Police Organization (IPO).
Dr. Maqsood Ahmed on the occasion said that he was determined to achieve a doctorate, which would not only benefit him but his department and country as well. The reason for selecting the very sensitive topic was its limitations and lack of access to the general public and academicians. The research will not only pave the way for further researches in the same domain but will also help legislators, prosecutors, law enforcers and academicians to explore it further for policy-making in Pakistan.
His doctorate aims to explore the significant factors that influence the current anti-terrorism policy in Pakistan. It is done by understanding terrorism financing with reference to Pakistan and the policies associated with countering terrorism financing in Pakistan. Several measures have been taken by Pakistan over the years to control the financing of terrorism. Various modifications and new systems have been adopted by successive governments to deal effectively with the ever-growing threat of terrorism.
Dr. Maqsood Ahmed said that this research addresses an on-ground practical approach to fight against terrorism and its financing in a developing country, i.e. Pakistan, by adding the views and perspectives of the respondents who are currently serving at critical posts of law enforcement in Pakistan. Pakistan has been a hotbed of proxy wars and has paid a heavy price in terms of its economic progress and loss of human lives.
The thesis has been recognised by the international faculty and subject specialists for its unique approach, practical aspects, out-of-the-box solutions and recommendations to combat the menace of terrorism and its financing.
The academicians are hopeful that this unique addition of literature from a law enforcement practitioner will go a long way in guiding and supporting the government and law enforcement organisations in Pakistan and abroad. The Police Service of Pakistan and the Government of Sindh can be rightfully proud of this academic contribution from one of its brightest officers.
DIG Security and Emergency Services Division