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v  To be premier world-class Police law enforcement agency of country that symbolizes the excellence and a catalyst for effective management,       accountability, and positive change in the Policing services.


v  Our mission is to give our countrymen a complete sense of security by wiping out the scourge of terror by a strong counter-terrorism force and giving a fool       proof cover to nation’s vital installations and important national and foreign dignitaries..


v  We remain patriotic, independent, striving to maintain the highest level of trust, integrity, and professionalism of police force. Our work is fact-based,       objective and supported by sufficient, appropriate evidence in accordance with professional policing standards..


v  Honour is the bedrock of SSU’s character. Our slogan “PROUD TO PROTECT” is all about honor that SSU inhabits. It represents the maturity, dedication,      trust, and dependability that commit SSU to act responsibly, be accountable for their actions, fulfill their obligations and hold others accountable for their      actions..


v  The heart of our Core Values, courage is the mental, moral, and physical strength ingrained in SSU personnel that sees them through the challenges of      combat and the mastery of fear, and to do what is right, to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct, to lead by example and to make tough      decisions under stress and pressure..


v  Discipline is one of our core values at SSU. We feel proud to be one of the most disciplined Police units in the country. Discipline is obedience of orders and  the timely and accurate execution of assigned tasks. The essence of discipline is doing what we have to, even when it is difficult and painful and doing it to the best of our abilities..


v  SSU is a thorough professional force. Professionalism is proficiency, and reliability in all we do. This would involve having a sound knowledge of what we      have to do and doing it well. We know our roles and responsibilities, and we carry them out well. It is the sense of professionalism which binds the SSU      together. As a team, we strive to excel in all we do to serve with pride, honor and integrity..


v  Our success depends on working together and fostering an inclusive and mutually supportive environment. Our work environment encourages      collaboration, innovation, flexibility, and integration to become best Unit of Police Department..


v  We promote diversity and equal opportunity throughout the organization. We value and respect the views of others. We treat each other with respect in all      interactions..


v  We inspire others to achieve their goals by leading by example..


v  “It is you who can give us the opportunity to create powerful machinery which will give you complete sense of security”. (The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali    Jinnah address to civil servants at Peshawar on April 1948) ..

v  Special Security Unit (SSU) strives to give a complete sense of security to our countrymen by giving a world-class policing and counter-terrorism services.     We believe in thorough professionalism and uncompromising quality services. Security is all about the trust of citizens of Pakistan reposed in Police. At    Special Security Unit SSU, Quality is the foundation of our unit which is fully embedded in our efforts and integrity. The SSU efficiency, quality and     preparedness are tested at every moment of the day round the year. SSU endeavors for a quality image and reputation by  consistently  delivering              high-quality professional security that complies with all local, international and Human Rights laws. ..

The Management of SSU is dedicated to:

v  Perform counter-terrorism operations to wipe out the scourge of terror from our homeland through foolproof security mechanism and a well-trained and outstanding professional Police force in general and specialized Security Unit in particular..

v  Fulfill the security needs of country’s leaders and important personalities by providing effective & efficient security cover. .

v  Safeguard vital installations through latest technology and techniques by a specialized anti-terrorism force with highly-skilled competencies .

v  Our hallmark is leadership, teamwork and courage of our devoted professionals and trained SWAT commandos to fulfill our vision of ensuring the security and stability of our homeland.

v  Our services and operations are aligned with the United Nations declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Rights of Constitution of Pakistan

v  We are conscious of quality and believe in continuous quality improvement; therefore we are developing and implementing Quality Management System which facilitates continuous improvement by using quality tools that include establishing and reviewing measurable quality objectives on regular basis

v  We adhere to meet all applicable statutory, regulatory, transparency and government and public requirements.

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