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SN#       DATE          PUBLICATIONS
12      Aug-2016       Sample Paper for Junior Clerk posittion
11      Aug-2016       Sample Paper for Commandos position
10      May-2016       PFC Brochure
09      Apr-2015       IPA Shooting Competition Brochure
08      Mar-2016       SWAT Brochure
07      Mar-2016       IPA Brochure
06      Jan-2015       SSU Brochure
05      Jan-2015       Promise of Peace Brochure
04      Jan-2015       HEAT Brochure
03      Jan-2015       Elite Magazine
02      Jun-2014       Elite Training Booklet
01      Jun-2014       Elite Brochure
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151          14-Jan-2020       Visit of Prince Nikolaos & Tatiana
150          01-Jan-2019       Yearly Report
149          25-Dec-2019       Foolproof Security
148          17-Dec-2019       ASsP visit at SSU HQ
147          17-Aug-2019       Wins Silver Medal
146          29-May-2019       Iftaar Dinner
145          07-Mar-2019       Flag March
144          25-Jan-2019       Delegation of Sindh Judicial Academy
143          27-Nov-2018       Exhibition ideas 2018
142          21-Nov-2018       Flag March
141          17-Nov-2018       ISO Certification
140          20-Aug-2018      Shooting Championship
139          17-Aug-2018      Visit of H.E.J Delegation
138          25-Jul-2018       Flag March
137          22-Jun-2018       Visit of IGP Sindh
136          15-Apr-2018       Cash Rewards
135         04-Apr-2018       Appreciation for Cricket Matches
134         01-Apr-2018       Security plan for the T20 Matches
133         28-Mar-2018       25 SSU Commandos Completed Training
132         20-Mar-2018       World Martial Arts Championship
131         23-Feb-2018       Visit of Naval Officers
130         16-Jan-2018       Blood Donation Camp
129         09-Jan-2018       National Shooting Championship
128         28-Dec-2017       Performance Report 2017
127         13-Dec-2017       Free Medical Camp
100         07-Apr-2017      IPA meeting held at SSU H.Q
099         20-Mar-2017     SSU Commando became world champion
097         28-Feb-2017      28 SSU Commandos Trained at NSOTC
096         25-Feb-2017      HEAT Program- Citi Bank Staff
095         25-Feb-2017      IPA Elections held at KPO
094         13-Feb-2017      Seminar on Chikungunya & Dengue
093         01-Jan-2017      Quran Khawani held at SSU HQ
092         29-Dec-2016      SSU won Martial Arts Championship
091         24-Dec-2016      Visit of Government Officials at SSU HQ
090         21-Dec-2016      Visit to martyred commando's families
089         09-Dec-2016      Jashan-e-Eid Milad-Un-Nabi(SAW)
088         03-Dec-2016      ASsP visit at SSU HQ
087         25-Oct-2016      Blood donation - Dargah Shah Noorani
086         25-Oct-2016      Security for Polio Teams
085         30-Sep-2016     SSU Commandos trained at ASF Academy
084         22-Sep-2016     International Peace Conference at SSU
010         13-Feb-2015        Youm-e-Shuhada
009         12-Feb-2015        H.E.A.T Beaconhouse
008         09-Feb-2015        Seminar on Change
007         04-Feb-2015        Seminar on Cancer
006         02-Feb-2015        NTS Test
005         28-Jan-2015        CSR Training
004         27-Jan-2015        Police Facilitation Centre
003         12-Jan-2015        NTS Test
002         10-Jan-2015        NTS Test
001         09-Jan-2015        Promise of Peace
SN#             DATE           PRESS RELEASES
SN#         ISSUE
01             01
01             01            January-2015           Download
Administrator DHA, CPLC Chief and Commandant SSU held a coordination conference at SSU HQ
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on Dunya News Channel Show 'Mahaaz'
SSU conducted Hostile Environment Awareness Training at University of Karachi, Karachi
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on 24 News Channel show 'Inkashaf '
Visit of Chairman PPP, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to SSU HQ
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on NEO TV Channel Show 'Muhasira'.
Documentary of SSU Sindh Police
Interview-Of-Mr-Maqsood-Ahmed-Commandant-SSU-On-Aired-On-Jaag-Tv-Program-"Run-Down" -22-06-2016
Visit of Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark at SSU Head Quarter on February 15, 2020.
A delegation of US Consulate led by Mr. Brian G. Heath, Consul General of USA in Karachi visited SSU HQ on 10.03.16.
Visit of 27 ASsP of 46th Specialized Training Program on 17, december 2019
Visit of 38-member delegation from Sindh Judicial Academy lauded the efforts on 25, January 2019